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If your child is absent from school, please inform the school office before 8.40 am by phoning, emailing, sending a note or message with another member of the family.  Where a child is absent for more than one day, it is important that parents inform the school office each morning of the absence.

If your child is taken from school for an appointment, please ensure the class teacher is advised before your child leaves.


The school is serviced by Go Bus. Students are expected to behave in a courteous and co-operative manner so the attention of the driver will not be distracted from his/her driving responsibilities. Students must remain seated at all times.

The school bus route is #9061. Please contact the school for a copy of the school bus route.

If you wish to travel to school on the bus you must contact the school office and discuss this with the Principal.

Click here to view our bus route.


It is not recommended that children under Year 4 bike to school without a parent. If biking to school, students are expected to know and obey the road rules. The wearing of helmets and safety vests is compulsory. Bike stands are available on the school grounds and cyclists are encouraged to lock their bikes. Biking on the school grounds during the school day is not permitted.


There may be times when you have concerns about aspects of your child’s education. On these occasions, it is important that you direct your concern to the school, as we want to know and alleviate your concerns. In the first instance please talk to your teacher and school principal. If the matter is considered serious then your concerns should be put in writing. If you are not satisfied that the matter has been satisfactory resolved or the concern involves the principal, then you should approach the chairperson of the Board of Trustees.


The payment of your school donation is invited for each student. If all families contribute, this lowers the amount we need to seek from each family. Your school donation allows for buses to be provided to transport children to activities, additional recreational and resources to be purchased, school swimming, as well as other enrichment and extra-curricular activities that benefit all students.

For families with up to two students at Makarewa School, the donation is currently set at $105.00 per child. If families have 3 or more students at Makarewa School, the donation is reduced to $100.00 per child. School donation for students who commence school during the year is set at $25.00 for every full term enrolled.

If you have any questions in regards to the payment of your school donation, we invite you to discuss the matter with the principal. A receipt will be provided.


The Dental service provided for Makarewa School is provided through the clinic at Waihopai School. They will contact parents and make appointments to see the children throughout the year. If you need to contact them at any stage they can be reached by phoning 2187744.


One of our valuable resources is our well stocked library. It is essential that students have access to a wide selection of reading and reference materials for recreational reading and for use with their school projects. Students are encouraged to use the school library regularly. We ask that books are well looked after and returned on time. Lost or damaged books are to be paid for by the borrower.


Please ensure that your child’s clothing is clearly named. If you have lost an item of clothing please check the lost property box in the administration area of the school office.


Makarewa School encourages healthy eating. A copy of our Healthy Food policy is available from the school office.

Please note that the food warmer will be available in terms 2 & 3 as well as on Monday’s during Term 1 & 4. Students may bring food to be heated in the warmer. Food should be wrapped and labelled with your child’s name. Children should also provide their own cutlery.


On Wednesdays and Fridays parents have the choice to order lunch for their children through Lunchonline.

Wednesday lunches are supplied through Global Byte Cafe and are delivered to the school, and Friday lunches are cooked and served at school by the PTA as a fundraiser.

To order a Wednesday or Friday lunch go to www.lunchonline.co.nz and set up an account which you can then top up for payments. You can view the menu options and select what you would like to purchase. Orders need to be submitted by 9 am on Wednesday and Friday.

No orders or cash is taken at school. The menu for the PTA Friday lunch deal is advertised weekly in the school newsletter and on through lunchonline.


8.40 am School begins

10.25 am Interval

12.25 pm Lunch

1.20 pm Afternoon classes begin

2.40 pm School finishes.

The school will provide supervision for students 30 minutes before school starts and 20 minutes after school. After this time in the afternoon, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to send any students still on the school grounds to the After School Care, at the parent’s expense, for their safety.


You can find our school policies using this link:  http://makarewa.schooldocs.co.nz/


Makarewa School has a covered heated swimming pool. A swimming programme is part of the physical education curriculum programme. The school teaches swimming for four weeks during terms 1 and 4 each year. Swimming costs are paid by your school donation.

A key for use of the pool outside school hours may be purchased from the school office.  This allows for the key holder to use the swimming pool for one year (October to October).  An information pack is provided when a key is purchased. 

H2O Dreams run by Jeremy Duncan is the resident professional coach.  Jeremy and his team offer after school swimming classes on set days between 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm.  More information about the lessons and to book in please visit http://www.h2odreams.co.nz/

Make a Parent Teacher Interview Booking

To make a booking for a Parent Teacher Interview please click here. 

Ski Trip 2023

Confirming the ski trip will go ahead Monday 28 Aug. Please be ready for a 5.15 am departure.